The Stig is also portrayed as having an extended family of cousins who appear in his place, reinforcing various comical stereotypes.

In the US Special in 2006, the show featured a portly American cousin nicknamed "Big Stig" with a relaxed driving style.[ep 13]. He raced the presenters cars around a racetrack .

In the Botswana Special, the Stig's African cousin, with dark skin, wearing just Puma racing boots, a loincloth, white racing gloves and the iconic white helmet, featured. He raced the presenters chosen cars around a racetrack set up in the mud.

In Series 12, episode 1, 'Rig Stig' featured, with a sunburned right sleeve in reference to his supposed job as a lorry driver. He appeared powersliding a Team Oliver racing truck to show to the presenters that a lorry could drift.

There was another cousin in the Vietnam Special, although his scenes were not broadcast due to time restraints. He was nicknamed the Stig's Vietnamese/Communist cousin and wore a red uniform. The footage was however included in a later DVD release. Top Gear hired a local motorcycle stunt rider.[60]

In Series 14, episode 2, the Stig's vegetarian cousin, nicknamed "Janet Stig Porter", appeared. He wore green overalls, Birkenstock sandals with socks and a solar-powered helmet. He drove the presenters hybrid car around a racetrack to see how long it would last.

In Series 15, episode 2, the Stig's German cousin, nicknamed "Herr Stig" and "Stiggy Ray Cyrus" (a parody of Billy Ray Cyrus), wearing white overalls and with a mullet haircut, the only thing distinguishing from from The Stig. He drove the presenters three sports saloons around a track.

In an episode filmed in Spain, the Stig was portrayed as being on holiday and showed footage of The Stig, still dressed in full racing gear, sunbathing by a swimming pool. In the background, there is a woman swimming wearing a Bikini and the iconic white helmet.

In Series 18, episode 1, the Stig's Italian cousin, nicknamed "Bunga Bunga Stig", was featured in smart casual dress (grey suit and trousers, black shirt and tie) but sitll with the iconic shoes and white helmet, seen emerging from a motorhome with three women following him out, prompting Clarkson to ask "What's he been doing?". He drove a Ferrari 458 Italia around the racetrack at Imola which the presenters had to beat in their own supercars.

In Series 18, episode 18, the Stig's Chinese cousin appeared during May and Clarkson's visit to China. This version of the Stig is a martial artist and attacks May and Clarkson after kicking down a door. He then attacks the film crew and a number of marshalls working at the track and finally kicks James in “the plums”. He was categorised as “the worst Stig we’ve ever had” by Jeremy after the film.

In the 'Worst Car in the History of the World' DVD, T'Yorkshire Stig drove a BMW M5, and then was later asked to test drive the Peugeot 308 Diesel, but refused and fled. He wore a flat cap and had two whippets.

In Series 21, Episode 1, the Stig's teenage cousin made an appearance, driving a Seat Leon Cupra up a hill climb. He had sagged trousers showing his Calvin Kleins, and listeded to obnoxious music.

In Series 22, Episode 2, the Stig's Australian Cousin (also nicknamed "Big Stig") appeared to set a benchmark time in the HSV Maloo GTS. He was like the regular Stig but stockier, wore thongs instead of racing boots and had a larger "sausage".

The US Top Gear, Top Gear Australia and Top Gear Russia also feature their own versions of The Stig.[61][62]

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